Streamer who allegedly assaulted partner during livestream is banned from Twitch again

A Twitch streamer who had his account deactivated after allegedly assaulting his pregnant partner while streaming Fortnite was back on the platform last week—but now his channel has been banned again following a social media outcry. 

In a December stream, Luke "MrDeadMoth" Munday, 26, got into an argument with his 21-year-old partner while on camera, before continuing the dispute off-screen. Viewers heard a loud sound after which his partner called him a "woman basher” and said: "Don’t hit me in the face. Don’t touch me in the face. You hear that, all you people there, he just hit me in the face.” Munday's two young children can also be heard screaming in the background. Clips of the incident were uploaded to Twitter (warning: they're pretty disturbing viewing).

He is due in court on a common assault charge later this month. Twitch's rules state that violent acts are “considered zero-tolerance violations and all accounts associated with such activities will be indefinitely suspended". However, two weeks later Munday was streaming again to thousands of viewers, prompting outcry on social media, including from other streamers and director of Twitch Studios Marcus 'djWHEAT' Graham. 

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Yesterday, Munday's account was again deactivated. Twitch has not said whether the ban is permanent, but it issued the following statement to Kotaku:

“Protecting the integrity of our community is incredibly important to us. We want everyone on Twitch to have a safe and positive experience and work constantly toward that goal. Part of that work includes examining our policies and practices when we find they don’t properly address specific incidents to ensure we’re adapting as the Twitch community grows.” 

Munday has not posted on Twitter since his latest stream, and his YouTube account is currently unavailable.

Samuel Horti

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