Streamer FrenchTomahawk launched a nuke in the final Fallout 76 beta

The Fallout 76 beta wrapped up today, meaning we won't be able to play it again until the official launch on November 14. And speaking of launches, the beta sessions which usually only ran for a few hours at a time, and not even on a daily basis, still gave a few players enough time to launch a nuke.

Streamer FrenchTomahawk and his friends, with the help of Twitch chat, managed to collect enough launch code fragments and then decode them to put a bird in the air. You can see the nuke splash down in the embed below, though be prepared for some celebratory profanity.

It's pretty impressive that players were able to reach this late-game content over the span of just the beta sessions, and finding codes and putting them to use is no small feat (our guide to finding Fallout 76's nuke codes is here). I was feeling pretty pleased that I hit level 17 today, but I see that in addition to launching a nuke, FrenchTomahawk is level 50 and his pals are leveled in the 30s and 40s. Clearly I've gotta step up my game.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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