Streamer Amouranth reveals she is married, accuses husband of domestic abuse

Kaitlyn "Amourant" Siragusa
(Image credit: Kaitlyn Siragusa)

As spotted by Hunter Grooms of esports company The Guard, Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa, one of the highest-profile streamers on Twitch, revealed that she is married and supplied evidence of her husband's abusive behavior in a stream early Sunday morning. Siragusa alleged that her husband controls her finances, pushed her to stream more than she was willing, and threatened to kill her dogs.

Grooms shared a sequence of four videos clipped from Siragusa's stream. Viewer discretion is advised as the videos demonstrate situations of emotional and psychological abuse. The first shows her talking on speaker phone to her husband. Siragusa questions why he threatened to kill her pet dogs, and after a long pause, the man demands she leave the house. In the rest of the video, the man berates Siragusa, calls her a liar, and denies that he threatened to kill her dogs. It's unclear if he knew he was on-stream based on the clips.

In the subsequent videos, Siragusa describes her husband exerting control over her finances, threatening to leave her with "only $1 million" if she took action against him. For context, a Kotaku interview from September quoted a net income of over $1.7 million per month from Siragusa's OnlyFans, Twitch, Patreon, and other endeavors.

The streamer presents that income as something she was pressured to pursue, and she has been known to work 12-hour shifts on-camera. In the second video from Hunter Grooms, Siragusa quotes a therapist who described her situation as "a form of psychological abuse" and "a fancy prison." Siragusa also showed text logs of her husband berating and insulting her in relation to her streaming schedule.

The final part of Siragusa's stream shows her responding to a woman off camera asking if she has taken her medicine, a question which seems to confuse Siragusa. At the time of writing, the streamer has not gone online or posted updates since the incident.

In the aforementioned Kotaku interview from last month, Siragusa presents herself as an independent entrepreneur with ambitions of opening an animal sanctuary. These videos suggest she is being exploited and abused by an intimate partner, one she claims wanted to keep his own existence hidden to better sell the fantasy of Amouranth. The streamer has previously dealt with stalking incidents, as well as a potential arson at her home. We will update this story as the situation develops. 

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