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'Stolen' Fallout 4 mods appear on Xbox

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Discontent is brewing within the Fallout 4 modding (opens in new tab) community at the discovery that several mods have been uploaded for Xbox One without the creators' permission.

Teething problems were  to be expected, of course—the Xbox modding ecosystem is young and unpredictable. Some instances have been resolved peaceably. The inclusion of DogtoothCG's NCR Ranger Veteran Armor (opens in new tab) in Spawn Items (opens in new tab)—Xbox's second-most popular mod—was passed off as an accident and quickly removed, the files purportedly having been obtained in an email exchange.

Dogtooth has announced plans to bring the next version of NCR Ranger Veteran Armor to PC and Xbox, but claims "constant trawling of the web for un-authorized uploads is taking quite a toll on the time available to actually develop."

Other instances are blatant re-uploads. Redditor /u/Bee-Wry compiled a list (opens in new tab) of egregious examples, with the lift of Senor Pato's Ringo the Flamingo (opens in new tab) taking the crown. The description has been copied in full (opens in new tab), including instructions for installation using the Nexus Mod Manager, which I suspect will be less than useful on Xbox One.

Bethesda has stepped in with a guide for modders (opens in new tab) on how to have unauthorised copies removed from Surprisingly, it's the full-blown DMCA process, but some have found success by reporting copied mods directly and alerting the moderators.

Following the fracas around rightful ownership when Bethesda dabbled in paid modding (opens in new tab), it's disappointing to see that these problems weren't planned for.

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