Stellaris launches first official DLC: Plantoids Species Pack

It seems there’s hardly a week that goes by where enterprising modders don’t add something weird, whacky or wonderful to Paradox’s sci-fi inspired 4x-cum-grand strategy endeavour, yet today marks the introduction of its first official DLC—the Plantoids Species Pack. 

The new phenotype—which we’re told has “gained sentience and [has] begun to spread its tendrils across the galaxy—brings with it 15 new species portraits; a range of new templates for plantoid, civilian and military ships; and some new cityscape artwork. 

Check out the Plantoid’s launch trailer above, or have a gander at Paradox mucking around with it via the developer's latest livestream by heading this way.

The Stellaris: Plantoids Species Pack is available now via the Paradox site for £6.25 ($8.21, as per this conversion) or via Steam for £5.59/$7.99.