SteelSeries releases an affordable spill-resistant keyboard

SteelSeries has a new keyboard available that offers gamers a bit of durability. The company's new Apex 150 isn't afraid to get a little wet—there is an internal membrane sheet that protects and repels liquid from damaging the internal electronics. And if it gets a lot wet, there are two drainage cavities to ensure the keyboard isn't sitting in an ocean of coffee.

This is not a mechanical keyboard. Instead, SteelSeries opted for a rubber dome setup with an exclusive "quick tension switch" system that it purpose built to deliver low friction and durability with an "excellent key feel."

"The quick tension keys are designed for fast reaction times; the tension membrane’s design pulls the key into actuation, resulting in a tactile key feel and quiet operation," SteelSeries says.

The keys also feature molded POM compound top housing inserts and RGB backlighting that is configurable in five different zones, as opposed to per-key backlighting.

There are not dedicated gaming or macro keys, though each key is independently programmable through SteelSeries' Engine utility. Anti-ghosting, 24-key rollover, and Discord integration are part of the package as well.

A major selling point here is the price—it only costs $50, compared to over $200 for the Topre Realforce RGB, our current pick as the best membrane keyboard.

The Apex 150 is available now.

Paul Lilly

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