Steam's midweek madness sale goes awesomely indie


The PC's indie gaming scene is a wonderful thing, but there are so many bite-sized pieces of pure brilliance skittering about that it's near-impossible to keep track. Enter Steam. In its never-ending quest to win our hearts and devour our wallets (not the other way around, happily), Valve's storefront has bundled together a bunch of the best indie games on the block. Not only that, it's given them a whopping 80 percent discount.

Both bundles clock in at $9.99 a piece - one focusing on strategy games and the other on 2D, well, anything. This isn't just some bottom-of-the-barrel bargain bin deal, either. Among many others, the bundles include the likes of Bit.Trip Runner, World of Goo, Revenge of the Titans, and Sanctum. Basically, if you're looking to dive into indie gaming's deep waters but don't know where to start, look no further. Now then, go! The deal only lasts until September 22, at which point the games will turn back into pumpkins. Or, you know, get their normal price tags back. One of those.