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Steam Indie Spring Sale springs up, discounts loads of indie games in lieu of Easter eggs

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To coincide with IGF (opens in new tab) , PAX (opens in new tab) , GDC (opens in new tab) , OMG and WTF, Steam have slung up one of their impromptu sales (opens in new tab) , discounting tons of indie games to ensure that our libraries continue to heave under the sheer weight of unplayed games. How nice of them. I hope you've hidden your wallet after last time, because there are some cracking deals to be had, including Super Hexagon (opens in new tab) , Binding of Isaac (opens in new tab) and Terraria (opens in new tab) for silly money.

There's no countdown, so I'm assuming the many games on sale are going to stay the same price until the sale ends on March 29th (the 'Featured' games will likely rotate day by day, without offering any additional savings). There's a lot of games going cheap - more than is evident from the main page - so be sure to poke around for the ones you're interested in. Here are few of the better offers:

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