Steam client now supports MMO subscription plans

Steam can already download your games, store your cloud saves, install mods, and even keep some of your drivers up to date. Starting today, the old dog has learned a new trick: You'll be able to set up recurring game subscription plans through the client, without having to go to the laborious effort of opening a web browser and logging into an account you probably forgot the password to right after you made it.

The only title currently supported is Darkfall Unholy Wars , a new, PvP-focused sandbox MMO from Adventurine. We don't expect Unholy Wars will stand alone for long. Other MMOs already on Steam that offer subscription (whether mandatory or "premium" on top of a free-to-play model) include EVE Online, Lord of the Rings Online, and The Secret World. The system doesn't currently support subscription freezing (you'll need to cancel and then renew), nor letting you gift subscription payments to a friend. You can also only manage one subscription per game, per Steam account.

You can read this FAQ for more details. Still no word on when Steam will allow us to automate the feeding of our pets and washing of our laundry.