State wants Riot to pay more in gender discrimination settlement

Riot Games settlement
Riot's initial gender discrimination settlement of $10 million falls short of the mark


A recent intervention from Californian state regulators could lead to an amendment in Riot's gender discrimination settlement from the initial sum of $10 million to over $400 million.

The original amount, which was publicly announced back in December 2019, was to be divided between approximately 1,000 women who had worked at Riot between November 2014 and the time at which the settlement was finalized.

However, according to a recent report from the Los Angeles Times, the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing filed a document on January 8, 2020 proposing that the women in question were owed a lot more than the amount Riot had agreed upon.

The report also mentions the agency in question's argument that "no enforceable changes to employment policies, at a company alleged to be rife with sexism, are part of the settlement.”

In response to the agency’s intervention, Riot spokesperson Joe Hixson claimed that Riot “worked hard to negotiate with the lawyer representing the class to reach an agreement that we collectively believe is fair for the class members.” In his eyes, the interference of external agencies is a disruption "filled with inaccuracies and false allegations.”

"We are particularly dismayed that the filing downplays and ignores the efforts we have made with respect to diversity, inclusion, and culture over the past 18 months," Hixson added. "We look forward to making our case to the Court.”

Whether or not the amount will be adjusted is currently unclear. The intervention of an external party will either be allowed or dismissed during a separate case on January 31, 2020, while the amendment to the $10 million settlement itself will be presided over by a judge on February 3.