Stardew Valley speedrunner hits marriage world record inside 30 minutes

When it comes to speedrunning, the intricate ways in which Dark Souls players expertly negotiate its hordes of hollowed monsters and nightmarish landscapes never fails to impress me. Stardew Valley, on the other hand, is not a game I'd automatically associate with speedrunning records. 

But as reported by Kotaku, one player has shattered the game's previous 'marriage' record—whereby players rush to tie the knot as expeditiously as possible. Underscore76 now holds that record, having made it to the altar in just 26 minutes and nine seconds. Talk about a whirlwind romance. 

Admittedly, I'm far from well-versed in Stardew marriage speedrunning, however Kotaku also suggests wooing Maru is a favourite of speedruns but that Shane—Underscore76's partner of choice—gets up early in-game and in turn serves to save time. 

A glitch in the game also allows players who name themselves after specific ID item numbers to spawn those items whenever NPCs mention them by name. Underscore76 in turn spawned Prismatic Shards, bouquets and warp tokens in order to save time walking around. 

If that causes confusion in writing, here's Underscore76's run in motion. And congratulations to the happy couple!