Stardew Valley portrait overhaul mod reworks all character expressions

In light of its multiplayer update (opens in new tab) last week, I had a rummage around in Stardew Valley's cabbage patch of player-made mods. My favourite find is Katekatpixels' ambitious Portrait Overhauls (opens in new tab) mod—which reworks all of the farming sim's characters, including their expressions and reactions. 

Take Pelican Town resident Emily, for example, who Katekatpixels has revamped here:

Likewise, here's Emily's new portfolio of gawks and glares:

Katekatpixels outlines more reworks on this Tumblr blog (opens in new tab), and promises updates in the coming weeks and months on the project's Nexus Mods (opens in new tab) page. 

There, they say: "Portrait overhaul including all characters and all expressions/reactions. This was my first time creating pixel art! All interpretations of the characters are my own and originally I just developed this mod for my own game, but eventually thought I might as well share."

Coming soon, says Katekatpixels, are Mustachio'd Harvey, Leah "with smaller hair", Slimmer Abby, and Redheaded Maru. Volumised hair Haley—"I tried to capture a bit of her sass"—is another belter:

More information on Katekatpixels' Stardew Valley Portrait Overhauls mod lives on its Nexus Mods page (opens in new tab).