Stardew Valley just got its first big post-1.4 patch

(Image credit: ConcernedApe)

Last week's Stardew Valley update was a massive one: it was called the 'Everything Update' because it changed pretty much everything about the game. With overhauls as big as that, bugs are inevitable, so there's now a new patch designed to squash some of them.

Stardew Valley fixes heaps of things, and the patch notes are rife with spoilers for those yet to dive into the revamped game. For this reason I won't discuss them here, and anyway, there are some new features added too: there's a new Gamepad Mode selectable in the options menu, and some non-spouse NPCs have custom movie ticket acceptance dialogue. Also, one particular NPC now loves snails. Nice.

The patch is now available the download. If you happen to play on console or mobile, the update isn't out yet but you'll hear more about its roll out soon. If you've yet to read about all the massive changes 1.4 introduced last week, Lauren has you sorted.

Shaun Prescott

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