Stardew Valley is cheap in the Humble Sweet Farm Bundle

Stardew Valley
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The Humble Sweet Farm Bundle is, as the name suggests, concerned with a life of raising crops and tending herds. But "farming," in this case, is defined very loosely. At the $1 tier, for instance, you get Niche, a "genetics survival game" in which you create and evolve your own species; MagiCat, a platformer about a cat in a hat (but not the hat); and Evergarden, a narrative puzzle game set in a magical forest.

Beat the average, currently a bit north of $7, and you'll also get Equilinox, a "relaxing nature game" that lets you create your own unique ecosystem of plants and animals; Ultimate Chicken Horse, a party platformer about forcing animals to perform life-threatening stunts; and Samorost 3, a wonderfully bizarre adventure about hippies in space.

The farming finally comes into focus for $10 or more, which will top the package off with Stardew Valley, the hit retro-fantasy about life on a farm you inherit from your grandfather. The other games in the bundle are worth the price of admission, but this is the real attraction: We called Stardew Valley "the PC's best farm-based RPG" in our 2019 ranking of the 100 best games on PC. It normally goes for $15 by itself on Steam, so this is a good way to pick it up on the cheap and get some really good bonus games on the side. (Samorost 3, my personal favorite, usually sells for $20, so that's a solid steal too.)

The bundle also includes the Niche, MagiCat, and Samorost 3 soundtracks. Funds raised will go to support Sweet Farm, "the first non-profit sanctuary in the world to address the impacts of factory farming across animals, plants, and the planet." It's available until February 4.

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