StarCraft: Remastered's cartoon makeover is out now

StarCraft: Remastered isn't as gloomy as, say, Warhammer 40,000, but it's far from a cheerful RTS. Blizzard has decided to remedy that by enlisting Carbot Animations, creator of a multitude of Blizzard parody videos, to give the entire game a cartoon makeover. You can see the results above, and the pack is available now. 

StarCraft's bold new look reminds me of the kind of Flash animation and games I used to devour on Newgrounds a thousand years ago and it's bizarre to see it applied to something like this, but I kinda like it. And it's not just units, everything from the UI to the map has been reimagined as a colourful, whimsical cartoon. 

The overhaul also extends beyond the story campaign, letting you duke it out in cartoon battles online or in custom games. You'll be able to play against people without the pack, too. 

StarCraft: Remastered Cartooned is available now on the Blizzard store for £9/$10.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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