Starcraft II training ground opens in South Korea: "Drapes so nerds don't get hurt by the sun"

Banshees can cloak, rendering large primitive forces useless.

GOM TV have set up a house that's designed to help foreign players train up and eventually qualify for their Professional Starcraft League. Click through for Artosis' guided tour of the Seoul residence and an interview with "John The Translator." He seems like a nice guy.

Artosis actually gets into the house 3.25 into the video. You might want to skip the first bit.

At 7:08 John explains exactly how players get to live there. "At the beginning of the season send an email to Send your nationality, a copy of your passport, and how long you plan to stay. If the person does not have many accomplishments it's based on the ladder score... they have to buy their own plane tickets but as long as they're here they don't have to pay bills or rent. Everything is free except the food... we've had very many people who have applied"

Sounds simple to us. We're drafting the mail right now. Which Starcraft II league are you in? Have you ever used "I'm going pro" as an excuse for an all night session?