Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm multiplayer unit teased

Startaft II Heart of the Swarm Terran unit thumbnail

Blizzard have started teasing Heart of the Swarm's new multiplayer units. That's one of them up there! Click through to see his legs and for the first snippets of info.

The silhouette appeared on the official Starcraft II Facebook page and is described as a " mysterious Terran unit." Blizzard have promised to tease a Zerg unit tease on October 10 and a Protoss one on October 17.

Feedback to the new unit is varied. "Dunno what it is, but it's definitely OP" says one Facebook user. "Probably a mobile washing-machine" says another. Rich 'Did I mention I'm in Platinum League' McCormick says "It looks like a mechanised E.T." We've contacted some Starcraft pros for more insightful feedback.

The new units will be revealed in their entirity at this year's Blizzcon, which is due to kick off October 21. Keep an eye out for Rich if you're attending. He'll be one of the guys cosplaying Kerrigan.