StarCraft 2 tournaments will move over to Heart of the Swarm "when the community decides".

Protoss Tempests devastate Mutalisks as Zerg Vipers use blinding cloud on Stalkers 02

Just when you think you've finally got your head around defending a 1/1/1 push and locked down your warp prism/immortal micro, Blizzard are adding a set of new units to StarCraft II's multiplayer armies. But what happens to SC2 tournaments like MLG and the GSL who've built their empires around Wings of Liberty's multiplayer? Will they be forced to move over to Heart of the Swarm half way through their season?

Blizzard say no. StarCraft II's lead designer, Dustin Browder, stated at Blizzcon that it's "up to the community" when they switch to the new expansion's unit-set. That means short events like Blizzcon's own invitational even can bust out the new toys on day one, and long-running tournaments like the MLG can give their players a break to get used to units like the Viper. Or, potentially, they could stick with the first game's units forever. Won't that splinter the young esports community? Time will tell.