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Starbound update adds fishing, Novakid villages

Thou shalt have a fishy, on a little dishy, thou shalt have a fishy when you load up Starbound and play around with its new fishing system, which has just been added in a patch. Update 1.1, as the name suggests, is the first content update since the sandbox-crafting-space-etc-thingy released a couple of months ago, and if you're wondering what PC Gamer's Chris Livingston thought of it at the time, then wow, that's a pretty specific wondering, but he reviewed it and liked it all the same.

To fish in one of Starbound's procedurally made lakes or rivers, you'll have to first craft a fishing rod, then plonk it into the water, in search of one of the 48 unique kinds of fish. Rare fish, as in the real world, can offer up rewards, including upgrades for your rod.

But that's not all the update updates. There's a new Collections interface, Novakid villages for those chummy Novakids to live in, and a Relocator tool that will let you move peaceful creatures out of the way. Don't do what Starbound developer Chucklefish does in the explanatory gif, and 'relocate' them into a pit of lava.

You can the full list of changes on Steam here.