Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer pits Jedi Consular against Imperial Agent

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With only 15 days to go until The Old Republic goes live, it's time to start thinking about which class to play. The latest video from Bioware tries to whittle down your options using the classic "who would win in a fight" criteria. For this round, they've told a Jedi Consular that an Imperial Agent thinks his dress looks silly, and then put them both in an arena to fight to the death for our amusement, earning 500 dark side points in the process.

The Imperial Agent is all about long range sniping and snide remarks, but hasn't really considered the fact that the Consular can throw huge rocks great distances and do considerable damage with his lightsaber at close range. The Agent will have to use his cheatiest gadgets to get the edge on the Jedi Master, but he gets extra style points for the James-Bond-in-space demeanour. We've spent 17 hours with the Imperial Agent , so we know what he's like, the scoundrel. Which one would you pick?

Tom Senior

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