Star Wars: The Old Republic data-mined updates hint at future features

Star Wars The Old Republic

The tireless chaps at TORhead have been pulling clues out of the Star Wars: The Old Republic files, and have found evidence of many of the features Bioware are planning to add over the course of the coming year. Their round-up contains features that we could see in patches 1.2 through to 1.5.

As a wise talking cabbage once said. "If spoilers you wish to avoid, click "Read and Comment" you must not."

New planets, a new companion, new flashpoints, high level dailies and a new operation are all on the cards.

The notes suggest that the new operation, Explosive Conflict, will be landing with patch 1.2 along with new daily quests that will send level 50s back to Corellia. These quests are labelled "The Fall of Corellia" for Imperials, and "Corellia Rising" for the Republic, suggesting that the Republic are set to win over the planet. A series of map screenshtos also hint at the possible inclusion of a new flashpoint called Lost Island.

There's more exciting stuff in patch 1.3. TORhead suggest that this'll introduce HK-51, who will become available to all players as a companion. He'll follow you around, fighting and saying things like "Contemplation: Our recent forays have been stimulating, master. You appear to have an endless supply of organic troublemakers to delete. I find this pleasing."

1.3 could also add another new operation called Terror from Beyond, a flashpoint called Titans of Industry and a series of Belsavis Dailies in which you will have to deal with the Dread Masters imprisoned there.

A new planet called, Varl, is listed for patch 1.4. There the Hutts are forging an alliance with the Dread Masters, which is something nobody wants. An operation called Scum and Villainy is through to be based there.

Details are light for patch 1.5, but there's mention of an operation in which you'll have to face off against the Dread Masters. The remnants of the Infinite Empire are lying about the galaxy. Dailies on Rakata Prime are listed, in which you'll have to stop the Dread Masters from getting hold of one of their ancient planet-killing weapons.

There's plenty more over on TORhead . It's all subject to change and there may be lots more planned, but chances are we'll these bits and pieces turning up over the course of the year. The grand arc that will resurrect the Dread Masters sounds particularly promising, and an AK droid companion would be great.

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