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Star Wars: The Old Republic is testing a 'combat style' revamp

(Image credit: EA)

In the build-up to the 10th anniversary of Star Wars: The Old Republic and the release of the Legacy of the Sith expansion, one of the add-on's elements is being trialed on the public test server. As well as a new storyline, Legacy of the Sith is adding combat styles, which will let players choose the abilities of different classes. 

Previously, you could choose from one of two advanced classes at level 10—an Imperial agent could pick from sniper or operative, for instance. In the new system, characters will have a combat style from level one, chosen from a much wider variety. That Imperial agent wouldn't be able to choose a Force-based combat style, but would be able to choose any of the tech-based blaster styles: vanguard, commando, powertech, mercenary, scoundrel, or gunslinger, as well as sniper and operative. Force wielders' choices will be limited by their faction, but they can eventually unlock the opposing variety of powers with enough Light or Dark Side points.

The Old Republic's public test server is currently trialing the powertech, mercenary, juggernaut, and marauder combat styles. They've been rejigged as well. "To make these classes feel less encumbered and customization more concise," says the blog post, "we are working to reduce the quantity of abilities but ensuring that these classes remain distinct and unique."

More updates will be coming to the public test server in the weeks ahead. Meanwhile, Fraser Brown wants a full-blown sequel, declaring I don't want Knights of the Old Republic 3, I want Star Wars: The Old Republic 2.

Jody Macgregor

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