Star Wars: The Old Republic early access invites gather pace

Star Wars The Old Republic

Bioware are still gradually rolling out early access to those who pre-ordered Star Wars: The Old Republic, and have been posting their progress on The Old Republic forums . Players who redeemed their pre-order codes earlier are getting in first. Yesterday Bioware say they admitted "people who had pre-ordered up to the very beginning of October (roughly)."

Today they'll be inviting the same number of people in again. "That will take us up to the last week or so of November," they say, adding that "on Friday, we'll be inviting even more." That suggests pretty much everyone who pre-ordered could be playing by the end of the week,

The devs remain cautious, however, and warn that "almost certainly there will be some queuing. That was always expected. As a reminder, our plan here is to maintain healthy server populations post launch, and during the excitement of launch that will mean queues. That said, we'll be working hard to keep those queues reasonable."

If you've just received your invite and are wondering which server to go for, our European guilds are on Nightmare Lands, and our US guild is on The Crucible Pits. The Old Republic will go live worldwide next Tuesday December 20.

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