Star Wars: The Old Republic beta - what do you think?

The Old Republic thumbnail

I've been playing lots of the Star Wars: The Old Republic beta recently. More than Skyrim and Batman: Arkham City combined.

Why? Umm. I'm not convinced that the TOR is the better game. Or that its stories or landscapes are as pretty as Bethesda or Rocksteady's. But it's an MMO. And I find MMOs extremely moreish. Also: I like wielding a lightsaber as much as the next man; possibly more considering I've watched three of the movies in the past week.

Server issues aside, if you're an MMO-loving Star Wars fan you've probably had a chance to sample The Old Republic too. How are you getting on? Has it lived up to your expectations? So far, I've had most fun playing as a Jedi Knight, followed closely by my Trooper. In at attempt to keep my final game experience as fresh as possible, I've restricted my early access to playing as Republic-only characters. Everyone knows PC Gamer's real allegiance lies with the EU Mint Imperials and US Coconut Monkeys .

Twisted by the Dark Side, young PCG has become.