Star Wars: The Old Republic 2.1 update released - adds hair cuts, colour co-ordination and cats

SWTOR Customization thumb

See now this is technology I can get on board with. As someone who's not a fan of letting someone get that close to my head with a pair of scissors, the idea of a giant holographic insta-salon is extremely appealing. Unfortunately, for now, it's progress limited to the now released 2.1 "Customization" update for The Old Republic .

As the name implies, the update bumps up the number of ways you can tweak and tailor your character. For starters, that holographic Appearance Designer will let change physical features, hairstyle, hair colour, and even species. Which does open the way for a player to take the role of Gok Wan, offering condescending advice to other characters about how to really bring out their head tentacles. I suppose at least he's got a Star Wars-ish name.

Also available are Dye Modules, letting you recolour crafted kit above Level 15. Both Dye Kits and the Appearance Designer require Cartel Coins, SWTOR's microtransaction currency, although Dye Modules can also be crafted.

Rounding out the update are the previously trailed Cathar, the imaginatively named race of cat people, who are also purchasable through the Cartel Market.

See 2.1's full feature list at The Old Republic update page .

Phil Savage

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