Star Wars miniatures games X-Wing, Legion go to the Clone Wars in 2019

Fantasy Flight Games has announced big additions and a slate of new releases for miniatures games Star Wars: X-Wing Second Edition and Star Wars: Legion. Both are going to receive new units and factions from the Clone Wars era in 2019. There are no particular details as of yet, except that the factions are the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Fantasy Flight also announced an end of 2018 wave of new miniatures for X-Wing and Legion at its GenCon show.

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As promised in FFG’s announcement for X-Wing Miniatures’ second edition earlier this year, we’re going to see conversion kits for old First Order and Resistance faction ships to the 2nd Edition format soon. Additionally, a wave of new fighters for those factions—now distinct from the Empire and Rebel Alliance factions in the new edition—is coming before the end of the year. For the Resistance, the T-70 X-Wing and AZ-2 A-Wing are coming. For the First Order, the updated TIE/fo with the separate turret. Finally, the Scum and Villainy faction is getting a snazzy yellow and black Mining Guild TIE. 

Star Wars: Legion, on the other hand, is getting a decidedly original trilogy addition: Chewbacca. Chewie will be an Operative in the game, basically a hero unit, instead of an army-centerpiece Commander, which is a tragedy. Alongside Chewie, a unit of melee-focused Wookie Warriors for the rebel alliance will be released. New boxes of “specialists” for both Rebel and Imperial factions are to be released, called Personnel Expansions, that include generic commanders, comms technicians, astromech droids, and medical droids. These late-breaking announcements come after the reveal of a slate of new units over the last month, including Emperor Palpatine, his Royal Guards, Han Solo, and Rebel Commandos. The large number of new releases this year seems to point toward financial success for Star Wars: Legion, which was only announced at last year’s GenCon.

Fantasy Flight has asked fans to look out for further details on their news site later today. 

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