Star Wars Galaxies to end with epic player-driven final battle between good and evil


It's always sad when an MMO closes down, but there's often a good side to it: amazing end-of-game events. Star Wars Galaxies is going out with a bigger bang then most, with September 15th kicking off an all-out civil war between Empire and Rebels. For the next three months, both sides will be gathering points, which will be tallied up at some point on December 15th. Winners will be given a glorious celebration in honour of their victory. The entire losing faction will be fed to the Sarlacc.

Well, the bit about the winners, anyway.

To take part, you need a Galaxies account in good standing, though there's good news if you're a returning player - a 30 day pass will let you keep playing until the servers go down - and existing game passes won't be billed any more after September 15th. All Access Pass holders of course will continue to be billed as normal. According to Sony, the results should be more interesting than simply a pop-up saying "Empire Wins: FATALITY", affecting how the game ends and how its final moments play out. After December 15th, the war ends one way or the other, clearing the way for The Old Republic.

Check here for the full details here , with a Q&A happening in this thread.