Star Wars Battlefront 2 update lets you hunt Jedi as Count Dooku

The Sith Lord Count Dooku has joined the roster of villains in Star Wars Battlefront 2 in a free update. The dusty battlefields of Geonosis have also been added to other game modes, so you can check out the new world without playing Galactic Assault. It’s out now. 

Where does the consensus lie with Dooku  these days? There’s not a whole lot to like in Attack of the Clones and the other prequels, but I’ve always been rather fond of Darth Tyranus and his fancy lightsaber. Like Darth Maul, he doesn’t really get developed in the films, but he’s a snappy dresser, has a neat fighting style and was played by Christopher Lee, so I’m still a fan. 

Like his movie counterpart, digital Dooku is a duelist. Despite being in the middle of a warzone, the old fella always looks poised. His melee attacks are swift and deadly, and his lightsaber skills make him a great counter to Jedi, as he’s able to easily deflect enemy lightsabers and then lay down some punishment. Blasterfire, on the other hand, is more troublesome; so if you want to take Dooku out, shoot. 

Along with the ability to stun groups with a lightning attack, Dooku can target individuals, making them slower and increasing damage taken from Dooku and his allies. Conveniently, killing an enemy recharges the ability immediately.

Dooku has one outfit right now, his regular Sith Lord look, but a second is due out on January 30, while a third will appear in February. They’ll both be available for crystals and can also be earned in-game. 

Smaller versions of the Geonosis map can be played, too. If the massive, multi-objective Galactic Assault battles aren’t your thing, you can now check the map out in Heroes vs. Villains, Blast and Custom Arcade.

The update is available now. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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