Star Trek Online anniversary trailer released, item sale to celebrate

Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online is one year old. To celebrate, Cryptic Studios have put out a trailer highlighting the many changes and additions made to the game since launch. There's also a sale on, with 20% off lifetime subscriptions and microtransaction items. Read on for details and a video.

Since the game's release, a ton of new missions have been added telling the story of the overarching conflict between the Borg and the Undine. On top of that new uniforms, ships, ship interiors and a series of weekly episode missions have been added. The next major update will add the Foundry system, a mission editor that lets players create their own adventures for other players to enjoy.

There will be a number of birthday celebrations happening across the Star Trek Online universe, including giveaways and some surprise events. Lifetime subscriptions and C-Store items will be sold at a discounted price. For more information, check out the anniversary video below, or head over to the Star Trek Online site. If you fancy trying the game, there's also a demo available.

[via VG247 ]

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