Star Citizen celebrates major update with $275 ship

Star Citizen 1

A huge update for Star Citizen has been released by Cloud Imperium Games. The update introduces two new ships, the Retaliator and the Gladius, which you can buy for $275 and $90 respectively. Yeah, that's real money. If you want to experience the new damage system, which looks amazing, you'll need a Gladius—but it will eventually be rolled out to other ships.

The update also includes a test version of a new landing system, as well as a number of UI tweaks and other fixes. You can read the full patch notes here. To date, Star Citizen has raised a staggering $75,845,749 from 847,970 backers. No solid release date has been set yet, but it's looking likely that the final game will be ready in 2016.

Andy Kelly

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