Star Citizen adds big bombs, hospitals to recover from getting big bombs dropped on you

Star Citizen patch 3.15 goes live today, and contains new ways to heal injuries and one big new way to cause them. And, as always, the patch includes some new ships and some other odds and ends.

Let the healing begin. New hospitals and clinics have been added where players can recover from their injuries and purchase life insurance, which they will no doubt need a truckload of. Hospitals can be set as respawn locations and are located in New Babbage, GrimHex, and Orison, and there will be health clinics found in space stations around the universe. (I can't bring myself to say 'verse, sorry.) As you can see in the trailer above, polite NPC doctors are on staff and won't ask nosy questions about why you're waking up in the hospital for the 16th time this week.

A new healing tool has also been added, a CuraLife Medical Gun (that players will probably just call a medigun) you can use to helpfully zap your injured allies to better health, which is great news if you've wanted to play Star Citizen as a medic. It's worth noting, however, that players on the test server were recently using these mediguns to give each other lethal healing drug overdoses in non-PvP areas and then looting their gear. Hopefully they've been adjusted so you won't have to worry about being healed to death. Injuries are more complex now as well. Specific body parts may be injured (and healed) separately. Wounds to the head can cause dizziness and wounded arms may make it harder to aim.

And there's a big reason why there may be more injuries in the… 'verse… than usual. A big bomb is coming to Star Citizen. Look out below:

These bombs can be dropped from ships, initially just the imposing new Starlifter Hercules A2, as shown in the trailer. "New bomb UI offers pilots a hi-tech solution for targeting, while retaining skill-based, manual aiming to place the perfect shot for maximum damage," says Cloud Imperium Games. "That shot won’t come easy, as pilots will have to avoid inflicting friendly damage in the resulting blast radius as well as defend against countermeasures such as ground turrets and anti-aircraft missiles."

The second ship added is the "luxury explorer" Origin 400i. It's very pretty! It also costs $250 real dollars. For more about what's in Star Citizen 3.15, which goes live today, head to the official site.

Christopher Livingston
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