Stalker-like online FPS Survarium is closing next week after 7 years in early access

Survarium: The End
(Image credit: Vostok Games)

The Stalker-styled online FPS Survarium will close down for good at 11:59 pm Kyiv time on May 31, developer Vostok Games said today. The game will also be delisted from Steam.

"A bittersweet day approaches," Vostok wrote. "On one hand it is good to look to our future but on the other, it is difficult to say farewell to an old friend.

"We truly cannot express our gratitude towards all of your many years of support, new and old players alike. Through the ups and downs many of you stood by us in solidarity. That is truly something special that we will always be grateful for. While we close the book we will always have fond memories! A new chapter awaits us and our eyes are firmly focused on the work ahead."

Vostok said in March that it was taking "a break from our work" because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which forced some of the development team located in the capital city of Kyiv to relocate to other parts of the country. The studio didn't say what impact the invasion had on the decision to shutter Survarium, if any, but the game's closure was actually announced on February 7, just a couple of weeks before the full invasion of Ukraine began.

Despite being around for the better part of a decade, Survarium never actually made it into full release: The most recent update, 0.69d, rolled out in February, and it remains an Early Access game on Steam. Vostok hasn't said what it will do next, but encouraged fans "to follow our social media pages to stay in the loop with all future news from Vostok Games."

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