STALKER: Call of Pripyat mod Misery's new trailer runs through huge list of improvements

Major STALKER: Call of Pripryat mod Misery has a new trailer that runs through the additions planned for its v2.0 update. It's nine minutes long, which should give you an idea of just how much has been packed into this revisit. Wait, what's that, YouTube description? "Not all features of MISERY 2.0 are mentioned in this trailer." Yikes. In that case, this giant overhaul promises to be one seriously miserable time. In the best possible way.

To précis the giant feature list: Misery 2.0 further overhauls Call of Pripyat with newly enhanced audio and visuals - covering every detail from textures to scope design, and ambient sounds to real-world radio music. More dramatically, it aims to repurpose every location with some form of life - including faction zones, boss lairs and 'light' and 'hardcore' hunting grounds.

Then there are improvements to items, weapons, loot, props, NPCs, armour, UI... As they say, Misery loves company. You can see the full list of changes at the mod's ModDB page . And remember that these are all additions to the even bigger changelist from the original 1.0 release.

For those who didn't make it to the video's end: Misery is due for release on July 31st.

Phil Savage

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