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Stained developer issuing keys to Indie Royale Bundle buyers after all

Following on from this story last week, Stained developer RealAxis Software is now sending out Steam keys to people who bought the game via the Indie Royale Bundle. RealAxis have clarified the situation in their original Steam forum post , and it appears to be a case of poor management of Steam keys: they were sending them out individually via email, which does sound like a particularly maddening way to go about it. Whatever the case, the developers seem to have come to a solution with Indie Royale, and now bundle buyers should be receiving their Steam keys after all.

Here's the relevant post by RealAxis on that thread:

"Just got an email from the [Indie Royale] representative, they are going to update the accounts directly in their system, and begin distributing the keys. I don't have exact ETA on this but they said it will be soon.

"So there won't be any change for those who already got the keys and installed the game in steam. For others the key will appear on their IR page soon. Please be patient.

"I appreciate all helpful suggestions."

Ta, VG247 .