Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher returns in new Ghost Recon Breakpoint mission

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

A recent announcement confirmed that Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher will be coming to Ghost Recon Breakpoint for a new crossover adventure.

Titled "Deep State," the official trailer for the new mission features a phone call between Fisher and a correspondent from the Ghosts on Auroa. You can check it out below.

The conversation begins with Fisher's instantly recognizable voice. "Husky, this is Deep Blue," he says.

"Copy, Deep Blue," comes the response. "It's been a while."

Fisher announces that he's finally managed to wrangle some intel on the Auroa situation, which he describes as a "real shit show." He goes on to mention Terminators, which were the antagonistic force in a previous Breakpoint limited-time event. At this point, the trailer showcases a metal, skull-faced super soldier with red eyes, before displaying some hi-tech weaponry.

"Anyway, I might need your help for a way in," Fisher concludes, setting the likely precedent for the mission to come.

"That can be arranged, pal."

Fisher hasn't appeared in the Ghost Recon series since he was involved in a mission back in Wildlands, so it's unclear at present how he's going to fit into this new adventure in Breakpoint. 

Last time he appeared, however, players had the opportunity to net themselves a pair of night-vision goggles, so it's likely a similar incentive could be set in place this time around.

Deep State is due to launch on March 24, 2020.