Splinter Cell: Blacklist co-op trailer shows off new buddy-cop stealth gameplay

Splinter Cell: Blacklist is shaping up to be a nice return to form for the decade-old stealth franchise. Previous trailers have shown a return of the celebrated Spys vs. Mercs multiplayer mode and a reward system for different styles of play : stealthy and non-lethal, stealthy and lethal, and bull-in-a-china-shop.

Since the third game in the Splinter Cell series, Chaos Theory , cooperative multiplayer has put players in the roles of a secondary team of spies sent in to grease the wheels for / clean up the messes of main character Sam Fisher. The multiplayer experience in Blacklist is getting an upgrade with Fisher himself teaming up with new character Isaac Briggs. The campaign will span 14 missions, which is a decent chunk of time.

Having your main character share the spotlight is a bit of a gamble, but if the pair can have some buddy cop-style exchanges along the way, it might all be worth it. I'll be waiting on the edge of my seat for the moment when Fisher drops a “I'm too old for this” and threatens to retire.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist will be available August 20 in the US, August 23 in Europe.