Splash Damage's Extraction now called Dirty Bomb again

Remember that free-to-play, London-set multiplayer shooter that Blink/Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory developers Splash Damage have been making for the past few years? What was it called...Dirty Bomb or something? No, Extraction, that's it, it's definitely called Extraction now. Well it's just been re/unnamed to Dirty Bomb - for real this time, they pinkie-swore and everything. Whatever it's called, ExDirty Bombtraction is still somehow in beta, and be signed up for over here .

Splash Damage elucidated their reasons here , explaining that original title Dirty Bomb "not only better reflects [the game's] personality, but also ensures that we have a single, consistent name across the globe." It's also quite a lot catchier than the much blander Extraction, which would be in the running for Most Forgettable Title of All Time, that is if we could remember any of the other entries.

(Incidentally, it might be a fun time to remember that Extraction was the name that Splash Damage "always wanted for the game" . Guys - Dirty Bomb is standing right here .)

Reminder: Dirty Bomb is the one where you play as a team of mercs in a post-apocalyptic London. These mercs have names like 'Bush Whacker', 'Proxy' and 'Sawbonez' with a Z, suggesting that it's a little more extravagant than the average multiplayer shooter. This name change came with the news that the game will feature dedicated servers in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, though no release date for the final game has been announced yet.

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Tom Sykes

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