Spice up your Fallout 4 settlement with this mod that adds a damn skyscraper

Tired of the same crummy settlements that look a bit like they were cobbled together from rotting wood and rusted metal because they were? Yearning for an outpost that's not just a bunch of patched walls and grimy rooftops but hearkens back to a time when commerce and capitalism ruled the land? Wait no more: here's a mod for Fallout 4 that let's you build a big damn skyscraper, and a functioning one to boot.

You can't use this blueprint, called Elysium Tower, just anywhere: you'll have to build your skyscraper in Starlight Drive-in. But, wow. It's massive, with over 20 floors, including the upper two that comprise your home. The first five floors provide autonomous food production, and there's a trade center with shops, a synth production department, a science center, a swimming pool and gym, plus plenty of room to build and customize on your own.

Note: this isn't one of those mods that's a simple one-click install. If you want this big honkin' skyscraper looming over the Commonweath and reminding all that crane their necks up in wonder that you're a living god, you're doing to have to do some work. There are 24 different plugins (listed on its page at Nexus Mods) that you'll need to get your skyscraper running perfectly, including one from the Creation Club's interior decoration pack that you'll need to buy if you don't already own it. The modder also advises you not to turn on all the building's lights at once, because there are simply so many of them that your fps may suffer for it.

Still. Wow. It's certainly something to behold, and below you'll find some pictures to gawp at.

Christopher Livingston
Staff Writer

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