Spelunky 2 speedrun record is now under 3 minutes

If you're playing Spelunky 2 and struggling to get past the first area, you're definitely not alone. Speedrunner d_tea isn't taking any crap from burrowing moles or barreling lizards though, because they've managed to beat the game in under three minutes. 

As in the first game, the teleporter shears most of the seconds off this 2:53 any% run. D_tea finds one in the second Dwelling level, which is the earliest possible way to find it. As you'd expect, the rest of the run proceeds in a blur: d_tea teleports to each exit without taking in the sights, except for a brief stop to rob a jetpack, which comes in handy in the ice caves.

D_tea was also responsible for one of the first truly impressive Spelunky 2 speedruns, which popped up just after the PS4 version released. There's definitely room for improvement in this current run, which isn't to say it's not hugely impressive. But if the speedrun community for the first game is any indication, this record will be beaten before too long.

If you're just getting into the game, we've got some Spelunky 2 beginner's tips to help you find your footing. 

Cheers, Kotaku.

Shaun Prescott

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