Speedrunning FPS Neon White finally gets a release date

Neon White is mostly about being an assassin from hell with the chance to get to heaven by performing incredible moves at a lightning pace. But it's also about looking great and flirting which, come on, is a hell of a pastime. The card-based, action, FPS, speedrunning, um, flirting sim has finally gotten a release date in another hot trailer. 

Announced at Summer Game Fest, you can finally expect to play Neon White on June 16, right around the corner. You slay demons as a Neon, a group of people "plucked" from hell to do the dirty work. And though it may be a chore to the cast, it looks pretty badass to me. 

A demo for Neon White was available on Steam not too long ago, so we've already gotten a taste for just how competitive speedrunning this singleplayer game can get. 

Though the main gameplay is about this speed and precision, parkouring your way across the game's maps, you can shower other Neons with gifts and talk to a weird cat-angel thing in sunglasses and a robe that will give you the missions you're going on. Accompanying this fast-paced hectic gameplay is a soundtrack by Machine Girl so you can bob your head as you go. We just have to wait until next week to get assassinating.

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