Spec Ops: The Line trailer has dune traps, sandstorms, marines and madmen

[VAMS id="xFhv6c4f6hlcP"]

Spec Ops: The Line had been lost in the sands until the appearance of last month's trailers . Here's another one, featuring more punching, occasional shooting and narration from a suspicious sort in a dark room with a microphone. Where do these madmen keep coming from?

The Gears of War influence is obvious. Beyond the unusual setting, it'll be interesting to see if Spec Ops does anything new with the familiar cover-to-cover scrambling of the modern third person shooter. The treacherous dunes of an unstable desert city make Spec Ops stand out from the throng, but the early trailers are heavy with the tang of testosterone. We'll have to wait and see if Spec Ops' characters do anything to stretch the angry-bro-in-big-armour template. It's due out next Spring.

Tom Senior

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