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Space Hulk: Tactics trailer kills a planet

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I tend to enjoy Warhammer 40,000 game trailers more than the games themselves, but this faithful take on the Space Hulk tabletop game could be legit. Above we see a tableau of terminators locked in close combat with Tyranid genestealers as sad opera plays, and we learn that the opera is sad because the Space Hulk they are fighting for is about to kill a planet. It's just spare change in the Emperor's grand plan.

In the video below we learn more about Space Hulk: Tactics' sharing features. You can build maps, set special conditions, write some sweet lore, and then share the mission with the entire Space Hulk: Tactics playerbase. The editor looks easy enough to use, so hopefully there will be little risk of running out of user-created battles to play.

We've noted before that the genestealers look more threatening (opens in new tab) than they tend to in game adaptations of the universe. They, too, are playable, and more than capable of eating a squad of the Emperor's finest, even if they have flamethrowers.

Space Hulk: Tactics is out next week, on October 9. 

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