Sorry, but EA Motive isn't working on a new Star Wars game

Star Wars: Squadrons
(Image credit: EA)

Last week, our sister site GamesRadar reported on a recent EA Motive job listing for a programmer to work on "an upcoming Star Wars action game." The project was described as "an exciting new IP," and work on it was set to begin "immediately." Today on Twitter, however, the studio said the listing was an error, and that it is not actually working on a new Star Wars game at all.

Motive Studios previously worked on Star Wars Battlefront 2 and found considerable recent success with Star Wars: Squadrons. General manager Patrick Klaus said last month that it's working on "several unannounced projects," and so the expectation that a new Star Wars game is in the works was perfectly reasonable—until it very specifically shot down that theory.

The job listing in question has also been changed, and all mention of Star Wars has been removed. In fact, there's no mention of any specific game or series at all, or even an indication as to whether it's something new, or a sequel of some sort.

It's a long shot, but Electronic Arts' Q2 2021 earnings call takes place tomorrow, and there's a possibility that we might hear something more about whatever Motive is up to then. We'll let you know if we do.

Andy Chalk

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