Sonic spins big discounts from Fanatical's Sega Week Sale

Sonic Mania is the endearing retro throwback that Andy declared a "breakneck platformer that uses classic Sonic as a foundation for something fresh and exciting". It's also the game that spawned this article. That was a long day. 

Anyway, Fanatical is rounding off its Sega Week Sale with a showing from the blue hedgehog himself. At 75 percent off, Sonic Generations Collection costs just £3.74/your regional equivalent. Sonic Forces, on the other hand, comes in at £17.49, 50 percent less its original price.  

Which has the fastest/cheesiest launch trailer? You tell me:

Naturally, Sonic Mania is the pick of the bunch—which is Fanatical's Weekend Star Deal. It costs just £10 until the end of the weekend. Let's hear more from Andy

I never thought I’d write a positive review of a Sonic game again, but here we are. Sonic Mania feeds off nostalgia, but crucially, it isn’t owned by it. The developers have taken the best bits of the vintage Sonic games and created something that’s more than just a cynical throwback. 

It’s a game that fizzes with colour, passion, and personality, and it’s clear it was made by people who really love the series. You couldn’t make a game like this without having a fundamental  understanding of what makes Sonic great, and I’m glad Sega took this gamble. The rumours are true: Sonic is good again.

Before you go, there's still time to win over $600 worth of Sega goodies with Fanatical.

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