Someone made the dollar store knock-off version of Fall Guys in Dreams

Note: this article has been updated to credit the designer of the Dreams creation "Fall Guys" shown in the video above, Ryanthepro2010.

The tremendously popular Fall Guys has been having some tremendous server issues this week, which will hopefully be sorted out before what is sure to be an extremely busy weekend for the adorable bumble royale.

Someone's been putting the downtime to good use, however. A member of the Dreams community on PS4, Ryanthepro2010, has recreated a level of Fall Guys. You can see it in the video above posted on YouTube by jiar300 called "dollar store Fallguys." And it's really something to behold. Check it out above.

This is definitely an off-brand version of Fall Guys right from the get-go: slightly lumpy bean bodies, awkward looking arms, and a server capacity of only 10. After falling onto the map, the no-frills Guys scamper through a rather plain and muted version of normally bright and colorful Whirlygig map. One player even stops midway to demonstrate the propellers (which sometimes just stop spinning altogether) don't even reach the ground and the substitute Guys can simply stroll beneath them without getting knocked over.

The bland, colorless cherry on the artificially flavored Ice Kreem-brand sundae of this dollar store Fall Guys is the enormous, misspelled "Qualafied" banner that unceremoniously adorns the screen when you reach the finish line. Excellent job! If you have a PS4, you can play Ryanthepro2010's Fall Guys in Dreams.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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