Sol: Exodus gets remake treatment, renamed Exodus of Sol

Games don't usually get second chances. They're released, they're met with reviews and hopefully an audience, and rarely do the opinions established then change later. Bit Planet Games, which is remaking space shooter Sol: Exodus as Exodus of Sol, is hoping that you'll give it another shot.

The studio reunites most of the team that worked on the original Sol: Exodus at Seamless Entertainment. As Studio Director Christopher Stockman explained it, he always wanted to go back and fix what he admits were mistakes in Sol: Exodus. He contacted the owners of the IP, got it back, and is now more than four months into development on Exodus of Sol.

As in the original game, you'll wage war across landmarks of our solar system against the ultra-fanatical Children of Dawn. Exodus of Sol will also include brand new ship physics, enhanced graphics, a revamped story with new voice over, overhauled missions, and new mission that are integrated into the campaign.

Stockman says he's not quite to announce a release date, but the game will likely have much more competition in the space shooter genre than it did in 2012. Space combat sims are in a little bit of a resurgence, with games such as Star Citizen , Elite: Dangerous , and Enemy Starfighter slated for release in the near future.