Enemy Starfighter trailer shows deep-space dogfighting

It's been a while since we've had a proper Enemy Starfighter video and the latest trailer doesn't disappoint. The new footage puts you behind the stick of the game's interceptor starship for a series of hostile encounters in deep space.

In development since 2012 , the space combat sim is being designed for compatibility with the Oculus Rift headset and will also include larger, armada-sized fleet actions to plan and carry out, according to developer Marauder Interactive's website . But as we can see in the new video, the atmosphere that designer Mike Tipul is crafting looks like it will play out quite nicely outside of virtual reality, too.

Of course, Enemy Starfighter isn't the only space combat sim in development at the moment, as cockpit-based shooters are actually enjoying something of a development renaissance lately. But what the trailer above hints at, and what I hope to see when the game releases, is a hyper-focus on the combat encounter itself. That moment—when a target is just out of range and strategies run though my head—is for me the core experience of a space combat sim. As the enemies come into view I get to ask myself, "What are my chances?" and then try and carry out the mission as I imagine it. And from the looks of it at least, Enemy Starfighter is charting a similar course.

For more footage, be sure to check out Tipul's YouTube page here .