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SOE "extremely aggressive" in detecting and banning PlanetSide 2 aimbotters

PlanetSide 2 aimbot

My eyebrow always arches in suspicion whenever I'm domed from several football fields' distance by a sprinting sniper in PlanetSide 2, but I usually chalk up such shenanigans to luck gods. Of course, aimbot programs occasionally worm their vile way into multiplayer warzones and kick over everyone's sandcastle with server-clearing unfairness. One such program is making the rounds in PlanetSide 2's public beta. Speaking to PC Gamer, Sony Online Entertainment Senior Public Relations Manager Taina Rodriguez says the studio is "aware" of the problem and will be "extremely aggressive" in banning detected cheaters.

"SOE takes player use of in-game cheats very seriously," says Rodriguez. "Players who use cheats ruin the gameplay experience for the entire community, and SOE will continue to be extremely aggressive in detecting and banning players who use cheats."

Rodriguez didn't elaborate on the specific measures SOE plans for hunting down aimbot users (hey, we wouldn't want to lay out our security plans for all the world to see either), but considering PlanetSide 2's free-to-play structure might allow cheaters to create multiple accounts to prevent banning, we'll cross our Terran Assault Rifles for sturdy anti-hacker systems.