Sniper Elite V2 team deathmatch coming to PC only

Sniper Elite V2 Tower

As reported by , Rebellion have announced in a forum post that Sniper Elite V2's 12-player team deathmatch mode will be PC exclusive. Responding to queries on Twitter, developers Rebellion explained that they were able to include the mode for PC players because they're self-publishing that version of the game, whereas the console versions are being co-published with 505 Games.

"We only had the power to make that decision on the PC version," said the tweet . "We chose to include it." Rebellion haven't given much away about the exclusive mode, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that men will shoot other men, possibly in the testicles, for points. The team with the most testicles wins. Sniper Elite V2's other multiplayer modes sound interesting: there'll be a few different ways to play co-op with a friend, including competitive sniping, asymmetrical co-op with one sniper and one operative, and a mode where you have to race to repair a vehicle before an area is bombed to bits. You'll also be able to work through the whole single-player campaign together.

Rebellion's Jason Kingsley talked to us about the benefits of self-publishing back in December. If you're interested in the game, check out our Sniper Elite: V2 killcam trailer to find out what happens when a man gets shot in the eye very slowly.

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