Sniper Elite: The Board Game features a miniature of Hitler getting shot in the balls

(Image credit: Rebellion)

I want to say that Sniper Elite 4 was underrated, but I gave it an 84% in my review, which is a pretty good rating. Maybe it just went in and out of the public consciousness like a bullet through Hitler's junk: a splash of X-ray vision gore that we quickly moved on from after 2017. 

If that splash of sniping wasn't enough for you, though, here's a way to suspend bullet-to-the-balls-Hitler in time. Rebellion's analog gaming division is Kickstarting a Sniper Elite board game, and the deluxe edition includes the "Teste-Kill" miniature pictured below:

(Image credit: Rebellion)

Of course there's a miniature of Hitler getting shot in the balls. The Sniper Elite series is basically marketed as 'the games where you get to shoot Hitler in the balls.' It's not a bad pitch.

The board game itself is described as "a hidden movement game of deception and deduction." One player controls the sniper on a hidden board while up to three opponents control German soldiers. As the sniper player infiltrates a base, the other players have to deduce their location and attempt to corner them and take them out. You can see an example game being played in the video embedded below.

The Kickstarter has already met its £22,000 goal, though you can still pledge £40 or more (around $52 USD) to pre-order a copy of the game. If you want the Teste-Kill miniature, it's £60 or more. Pledges do not include shipping, which is $13-18 for the continental US and £12 for the UK.

There are 19 days left to pledge at the time of writing. Stretch goals at £30,000 and £40,000, if met, will add a new miniature and new cards to the game.

Tyler Wilde
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